Real Estate

Real Estate

Probably only one trip to our office will be necessary. All other contact can usually be by e-mail or by telephone.

We pride ourselves in offering very personalized service. We encourage you to telephone us for advice at the earliest opportunity, even before you have signed a contract or before you have released your conditions.

If you are not dealing with a realtor we are very happy to prepare the all-important Offer to Purchase/Agreement of Purchase and Sale.

Fee Schedule

Purchase with new Mortgage with one of the major banks$900
Purchase with new Mortgage with a mortgage company other than one of the major banks$1000
Purchase with no new Mortgage$750
Mortgage with no purchase (Refinance or Buyout of a Co-Owner)$750
Additional charge for each payout on a mortgage beyond the first payout$50
Additional charge for each advance on a mortgage beyond the first (draw mortgage)$200
Additional charge for drafting routine purchase contract$200

Plus disbursements and G.S.T.