Incorporation can be a very useful and even vitally important step to take, to separate your business from your personal affairs and avoid personal liability, or to organize your business with a partner or group of investors, or to realize tax benefits on the advice of your accountant.

We usually quote a fee of $500 plus disbursements and GST for incorporating and setting up a new Alberta company, including the legal advice of considering the desirability of setting up a company, the selection of a name, and the transition to operating as a company. Disbursements are about $400 for a total cost of roughly $900 plus GST.

To incorporate a Professional Corporation we usually quote $600 plus disbursements.

Please note that the prices quoted by legal agents do not ordinarily include the minutes and share certificates needed to properly set up a corporation, and they do not include legal advice on alternate ways of carrying on business, the choice of a name, the shares to be issued or other questions regarding the operation of your business as a corporation.

For acting as the registered office of a corporation we are currently charging $125 plus disbursements and GST for a total cost of about $200 a year.

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