Divorce and Family Law

We regret very sincerely when people have to go through a divorce or deal with any other family problem. But if you are going through such a problem you want to have the issues handled quickly and efficiently and for a reasonable price, by someone who will respond promptly to your e-mails, who you can contact by telephone when you need to, who knows you and who understands and is sensitive to your situation and your particular needs and goals.

About a third of our practice has always been in divorce and other family law matters. We are proud of our ability to settle matters as amicably as may be possible, with our ultimate goal of getting people on with their lives as quickly as possible.

Usually Leroy will want to talk with you for a few minutes to quickly assess your situation and to answer a few of your most pressing questions, and then we will usually want to schedule an appointment of an hour or two which will be a thorough paid consultation which will be most valuable to you even if you should decide not to proceed with any action at this time. At the very least if you are separated or contemplating separating you should be fully informed of your rights and responsibilities.

To such a meeting you should bring in all documents that might be relevant such as your marriage certificate, your last three tax returns and notices of assessment where support may be in issue, copies of any property titles if you can find them, most recent available statements showing investments and savings and debts, and sometimes a statement in electronic form of your concerns or of anything that you think may be relevant. All such documents e-mailed to us as pdfs are even more useful than hard copies of documents, though our assistant will be able to scan hard copies of documents to our computer if it is difficult for you to provide us with pdfs.

We also prepare Cohabitation Agreements and would be happy to discuss with you whether or not you would want one prepared.

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